I want to share this simple prayer that I wrote when I was in college. I was so desperate that time that I wanted peace.  Correction, we wanted peace, so I wrote a prayer and post it on my Facebook account so everyone can help and join me in prayer for peace. Okay. Let me … More Throwback

Big Time Prayer

Say this prayer with all your heart, mean every word, be sincere. Let us pray. Dear God, thank You for loving me. I’m sorry for all my sin. Forgive me God. I have sinned against You. I’m sorry. I choose to accept Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior. Rule in my life. Be the … More Big Time Prayer


Let’s face the fact that we are living in a temporary world called earth. Well, that’s a reality that some people don’t mind thinking about. Count me in. As a human, it’s in our nature to do what we want, drive our own life or just go with the flow and be a mediocre. Count … More TIME OUT