Hey guys! I’ve been a loyal BPI Account holder for years and it’s my first time to experience this inconvenience. BPI for me has the best customer service when it comes to face-to-face conversations. They are just a bit slack and probably not yet too organised with regards to their online customer support.

Read till the end of this article so you know how to handle this kind of frustration because of a sudden inconvenience.

My experience

I deposit this certain amount using the Deposit ATM Machine. After my transaction, the machine removed my card along with the notice on the screen MACHINE UNAVAILABLE! I waited for a minute to check if the machine will get my cash out of the machine, but it didn’t so I left.

At home, using the BPI App, I quickly checked if the cash I deposit came through my account, as we all know BPI does real-time account updates. To my surprise, the money I deposit didn’t came through! I called my cousin Sai who’s familiar with these instances so she advised me to report it ASAP. Which I did!

2 Failed Attempts

First, I tried to call their hotline (number provided below) but I was waiting for an agent to pick up my call yet  nobody’s picking up! So I just ended up leaving a message and asked them to call me back on my mobile number. Next day, no call from BPI.

Secondly, I sent a complaint email to expressonline@bpi.com.ph The Customer service was able to respond promptly via email and promised that a customer service agent will call me. Still, no call from BPI.

How to resolve this?

Here’s the big question, “What exactly you MUST do and How can you reach BPI Customer Service via phone call to get this sorted out ASAP?”

I won’t keep you waiting, read the quick steps below to get your money to your account ASAP.

Step 1: Do NOT leave the machine and get the 4-digits Terminal ID

The 4-digits Terminal ID is required to process your complaint and get your money to your account.

You can get the Terminal ID in two ways:

  1. The Terminal ID can be found in the deposit Machine where you did your transaction, look at the top of the screen that reads TID XXXX (4-digit numbers). Save the 4-digit Terminal ID on your phone or write it on a piece of paper. The customer service will need the 4-digits from you to process your complaint.
  2. INQUIRE BALANCE in the deposit Machine where you did your transaction and PRINT THE RECEIPT. On your receipt, find the LOCATION, below it, you will find 9000XXXX (4-digit numbers). Keep the receipt on your wallet and get it ready when the customer service asks for the 4-digits Terminal ID.


Step 2: Remember the Time, Date, and BPI Branch

Take note what time, date and branch where you did your transaction. These information will be asked by the customer service agent to help you resolve this case.


Step 3: Call BPI Customer Service

Get your landline phone and contact BPI’s 24/7 customer service hotline. Just be patient waiting for a customer service agent to pick up your call. It took me 20 minutes. Yeah frustrating hey!

Get your Account number ready. The customer service agent will also ask you a few questions to verify that it is your account.

  1. For provincial PLDT subscribers dial 1-800-188-89100 (toll-free calls)
  2. 89-100 for Metro Manila

The customer service agent will tell you that they will investigate your complaint and you have to wait 3 banking days to get this resolved.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to save the REFERENCE NUMBER provided by your agent. If this is not provided, you need to ask for it, remind the agent. You will need the Reference number in step 4.

Step 4: Follow Up

Call the hotline provided in Step 3 to follow up your case, get your reference number ready and tell it to the customer service agent.

I suggest calling BPI Customer Service everyday to speed it up.

Step 5: Check your account

After 3 banking days check your account if the cash you deposit came through. If your money didn’t appear on your account yet, repeat Step 4.

Hope I was able to help you handle this kind of frustrating situation. Share your experience on the comments below. 🙂


24 thoughts on ““MACHINE UNAVAILABLE” popped when card was removed after I deposit cash at BPI ATM Machine!

  1. Yza, were you able to give them the terminal i.d. and all necessary details? Definitely a branch visit. Stay calm, BPI staff are the most polite bankers I’ve experience, hope they will get this sorted asap. Please keep me posted.

  2. Hi! I have the same issue. What i did i called the cust service right after the incident which is saturday. Today is wednesday so since its already the 3rd business day i called to make a follow up. The rep explained that the resolution of the said case says NO TRANSACTION FOUND. Im really frustrated right now since i deposited quite a big sum. Im planning to visit the branch tomorrow to complained again.

    1. Shocks! I deposited 25K just this 1:23 am sa deposit machine and to my surprise when I logged in via bpi app it was not credited. Luckily i have the transaction receipt and i did this sa branch mismo kung saan ang account ko. Good thing you have this article so I am hoping na 3 business days lang talaga or by Wednesday sana macredit na given na holiday kase sa monday April 9. Kailangan pa naman yung pera for travel schedule tonight. Sakit sa dibdib ito. I am used in using the deposit machine during wee hours to avoid traffic and long queue sa bank pero this happened. It only shows the unreliability ng systems ng bpi. Sa bagay security measures nga nila nag fail several times. Worst yung pinaka recent na nagkalipatan ng pera, incident that drove diff speculations; my business partner’s account had a 50K sudden loss during that time and it took more than a week bago nagsimulang mabalik sa kanya paunti unti. They may have the best frontliners to many of their branches but unfortunately not the best technology, could even be the worst. Haaay.. ka depress

      1. Btw, today April 7, nacredit na yung 25K. You really need to have them expedite it quick. They’ll do it!

  3. Same problem here,, I have deposited a large sum of money yesterday (i truly regret this and should have make the transaction over the counter), I reported it to the branch support and a statement and declaration of money loss was documented and was reported immediately using their system. I’m in real trauma right now as the amount of money that was not credited is almost worth of my 2 year work savings. The cash accept machine is located inside the bank itself, only a few were credited to me using that machine (oh how i truly regret this action!) , I’m so depressed right now, and the only thing that can cheer me up is when they can get my money back :(, to add fuel to the fire, its the holidays and it seems that It would take time before an action can be done with my predicament, Oh i really hope there won’t be a case wherein they would say that no transaction was done 😦 , ang tagal ko sa nag deposito don gumawa na nga ako ng pila sa katagalan.

    1. Hi Blayke i am very sorry for delayed response, but hope everything is sorted out now? i’ve been getting a lot of concerns about these cases and fortunately, everyone is getting their money back. oh dear, i hope your money was given back to you, let me know please. But yes next time specially if its a big amount, always do your transactions over the counter, doesn’t matter if there is a long line as long as your money will surely be credited to your account.

  4. Hello good day, I am also the victim of that cash deposit. Last saturday 7pm and untill now there is no agent to call me up. I already reported my case in online email and also the branch that I deposited my cash. What can I do please help me.

  5. Hi Gail, you need to follow up everyday. Have you called BPI agent to report this too? Please refer to STEP 3 above.
    For provincial PLDT subscribers dial 1-800-188-89100 (toll-free calls)
    89-100 for Metro Manila

    Let me know how you go.

    Rest assured BPI will get your money back. It usually takes 3 banking days, if not, continue to follow up through BPI customer service

  6. Hello there guys! Same problem with mine. Ganyan din ngyare saken now. Napansin ko lang parang same tayo lahat na Saturday night ngyare. Please let me know guys kung nakuha niyo pera niyo. I am so stressed now.

  7. Hi, I ‘ve experienced the same last friday , March 09,2018. It’s a big amount that’s why I’m in so much stress right now. I’ve already called BPI, the rep told me to check my acct. after 3 business days, I hope they will give my money back.

  8. I also encountered this problem this day, 12:50am-1am (3/15/2018).
    I encountered Hardware error then transaction cancelled but no receipt and money returned.
    I am really worried, baka kase walang logs or may nakita akong ibang reviews na sabi daw sa knila is “No Transaction” or ‘No excess money’ daw.
    It is quite big money for me. I already called customer service right after the incident and also earlier. Kasi sabi saken dapat 6am magcredit sa account ko, that;s why i followed up earlier. Buti na lang din navideohan ko un kaso nung nagtransaction cancelled na sya and maririnig ung pag alboroto ng machine. And also the guard there.
    My question is, may nakaexperience na kaya na ndi nabalik ung pera? i am really really worried.

    1. Hi Cecille,

      Same incident, nagHardware error then ang machine, tapos walang receipt na lumabas , and the amount was not credited. Just checking , na return ba ang money mo? After 3 days? I am reall stressed cause it is quite a big amount also. I need to wait till Monday to report it to the Bank where I did my transaction , however i already reported it to the CS. They really need to return it.

  9. Hello Ms Chariza, nakuha ko po yung pera ko. Explain saken ng teller is kapag deposit naten sakto nag offline ang system kaya ngyayare yon. They give my money back Monday night just 2 days. Thank God! Nag call ako right after kinain ng machine yung money ko which is Sunday morning yon. So wala bank. Tapos Monday pumunta ako sa mismo branch kung saan kinaen money ko makikita nila na hindi na debit. No worries guys. Ibabalik nila ang perang pinag ipunan naten.

    1. buti kapa 2 days lang, ako more than a week na wala parin til now. And i dont really know what to do, i always make follow ups everyday. sana meron na

  10. buti kapa 2 days lang, ako more than a week na wala parin til now. And i dont really know what to do, i always make follow ups everyday. sana meron na

  11. Their deposit machines are garbage! They have 5 in Araneta Center and they all have problems ALMOST ALL OF THE TIME. Either laging offline (hello Ali Mall, Gateway, Manhattan Parkview, at yung malapit sa LRT) or worse, hindi tinatanggap yung pera ko (branch near anytime fitness). Mapipikon ka sa deposit machine diyan sa anytime fitness! Keeps returning the bills. It doesn’t matter if they’re new bills or of average wear, the machine won’t accept about 90% of the bills I try to deposit, particularly if the bills just came from another ATM machine.

    I go through this hell every week since they’ve had these machines, walking around Araneta Center to find one that works. Medyo magkakalayo sila ng kaunti, so mapapa exercise ka ng bahagya. If I’m not successful, which is more often than not, I have to do an over-the-counter deposit when the branches open at another day, even thought evenings are the most convenient time for me to do errands.

    Bottom line is I can’t rely on these machines (yes, all 5 of them!) at all. Buti pang ibalik nila yung envelops! With the envelops, I don’t have to hunt down a machine that’s available and no bill gets rejected. The money doesn’t get credited in real time, but at least I’m not going through the seven circles of hell to deposit it.

  12. Hi ,

    Same incident, nagdeposit ako ng almost 25k , just today, Saturday and nag hardware error. I checked my account and hindi na credit. Sa Monday pa ang bank open. I’m paranoid!

  13. Hi, I did my deposit kanina sa mall ayala center cebu and nag hard ware error I deposited my first sweldo and hindi ako makatulog kakaisip kung paano mababawi ang pero ko dami ko pa namang bills na babayaran tapos kinaina lang nga bpi yung pera ko. I’m so frustrated right now. I can’t even make a phone call kasi hating gabi na.

  14. Thank you for this post, your guide and comments. They calmed me down when I had a problem similar to this!

    The machine took my money (almost 2 months worth), ejected my card, went blank, then went back to the Start screen without any receipt of transaction record. I immediately checked my BPI app, and true enough, it was not credited. I reported it inside the branch but I had to wait 1.5hrs to file an incident report (kasabay ko sa pila mga kumukuha ng EMV cards, ang dami nila) & looking back, it would’ve taken me less than a quarter of that time to deposit OTC. I got my money back after 3 banking days (they told me 2-5 banking days).

    1. Glad this blog helped you Christine. That’s true , it is better to do OTC specially if it is big cash. This explains that machines are not very reliable and could really act up !!

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