12714264_1248050508543985_1645146745_nMy blog is about lessons, adventures, new stuffs!

A little introduction about me: I’m a woman who continually seeks a life of genuine love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

I want to broadcast God’s creations, amazing places, authentic food and beverages, and feature remarkable people for His glory alone.

I never thought of blogging before. It’s boring. Time passed, months after graduating in college, I became an online English instructor. During those days, internet was my best friend, particularly google. Then found myself reading blogs. From there, I was inspired to create my blog. I even had an idea of telling my suitor (who is now my boyfriend) that I also love him through my blog. I even earn dollars through my blogs. And the rest was history.

This blog is like a digital compilation of my life. Once I post/upload an article, photo, quote, it will crawl in the internet forever. My blog is one of my priceless possessions. Priceless treasure, because it’s a part of me.

Now I realized why God blessed me with an iPhone. Actually got it for free! It’s a graduation gift from my thoughtful Aunt J. Honestly, I’m not using it mainly to text or call. For me, it’s main purpose is the NOTES and CALENDAR. Those are my favourites. I can write article drafts and everything I’m thinking of. Every idea in mind, I write them on my notes. I learned that every artist, has their own drafts, some are using papers, in my case, it’s my  iPhone notes. Very useful and handy.

See, everything has a reason. Why you have these and that. Why you DON’T have these and that. Sometimes, it’s okay not to understand everything. Enjoy life as often as you can. Cry as  hard as you can. But let me tell you that life has more to offer. Don’t end up crying all day. Stand up, dream again. Believe again.

Why am I sharing all these? Bottomline, this is all about GOODNESS, GOODNESS and GOODNESS! 😀

P.S. You can watch a piece of my life through the video projects I make for the people close to my heart.  Follow me on LinkedIn too, I only share latest online marketing trends there.  Talk soon!

Exceptional Years ahead!
“Dream BIG dreams”

With Fiance at Rotor-lift, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
At Hotel Mayfair on Cavell, Hobart Tasmania Australia



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Cha for visiting and following us @ Saint In Training! I love your name, it’s spunky! 🙂 I also love what you’re doing for the Lord – spreading the message of His love through social media. I pray you continue to visit us and that you have a wonderfully blessed day (and life).


    1. Hi Rebecca =)
      Wow thank you for those beautiful words. I appreciate you so much. Its a great honor doing things for the Lord because we know that our labor is never in vain (small things/big things) ^^
      Whoa! Amen! I receive! And I believe =D
      Oh! God bless you more! exceptionally! 😀

      Agape, Cha ^^

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