4-Steps to Terminate your PLDT Line (BONUS: MONEY SAVING TIPS!)

PLUS tips on how to avail the most affordable, reliable and the fastest PLDT line available in your area. … More 4-Steps to Terminate your PLDT Line (BONUS: MONEY SAVING TIPS!)


“MACHINE UNAVAILABLE” popped when card was removed after I deposit cash at BPI ATM Machine!

What exactly you MUST do: quick steps to get your deposit money when Machine Unavailable popped. … More “MACHINE UNAVAILABLE” popped when card was removed after I deposit cash at BPI ATM Machine!

Be the Best You

Do you want to  dig down your inner potentials in your field to be the best you? Have you tried short courses that you think will help you enhance your skills? If your answer is yes, is it a classroom set-up where you go to a school or university? I want to share something really … More Be the Best You

DTH Recharge Online

Did you know that there’s a tv recharge online? Wow. It sounds really convenient!  You can recharge at the comfort of your home and you have a lot of options.  Airtel dth recharge online, videocon dth recharge and dish tv dth packages are the services Mobikwik.com offers. Mobikwik.com is a very convenient shop for your prepaid needs like purchasing vouchers, … More DTH Recharge Online

Recharge Online!

Mobile phone, what comes first in your mind if you hear that word? Mode of communication? Calling? Text messages? Games? or even internet? Webopedia defines mobile phones as it provide voice communications, Short Message Service (SMS), Multimedia Message Service (MMS),  and newer phones may also provide Internet services such as Web browsing and e-mail. It’s very convenient for … More Recharge Online!

Talking About Gadgets

In this modern generation, gadgets are like partners of some people, partners in life. Some business men have their own cellphone and iPad. They use it to schedule their meetings and manage their time. While some students and kids use it for entertainment. Before anything else, let me give you a definition of  iPad from … More Talking About Gadgets

Shopping Online!

Do you have concerns with your groceries? Are you a working mom who doesn’t get a chance to go in a supermarket? Are you a bachelor who is so busy with work and has no time to buy groceries in a supermarket? As a young professional, I can’t manage going in a store and buy … More Shopping Online!

Paint A Smile

To all mom’s and dad’s in the world, whatsoever your child call’s you, I want to tell you some super cute and useful stuffs for your beloved child! Isn’t for all the mom’s and dad’s, we all know that you always want to see your child wearing big smiles on their faces? You do everything … More Paint A Smile